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Our Mission

Power the Transition to a Circular Economy
Who We Are

99Bridges is a technology company providing sustainability solutions to power the transition to a circular economy.


At the core of our innovation is a software platform called Mosaic, a SustainabilityOS built to enable the full lifecycle tracking of reusables. We aim to maximize the reuse, recirculation, and renewal of products and materials, ending the single-use consumption paradigm.


Our business model is B2B (business to business). We want to make it easy for businesses to connect into the Mosaic sustainability ecosystem.

99Bridges believes data is the fundamental building block to power a better future – a sustainable future. Building a sustainable future is not about doing one or two things differently, it is a wholesale change to how we live. We combined our technology heritage and knowledge in environmental science to create solutions to power our vision of a sustainable future.

To power our mission, we embraced a future where everything is connected. It is a future where everything has data – a massively decoupled and distributed data universe. With data, we gain insights and knowledge which power intelligent actions. That future requires a system to collect, protect, share, analyze, and act on data that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries.

That system, we called it a Distributed Data Exchange (DDE) is engine that powers Mosaic.

Get to Know 99bridges

Get to Know 99bridges

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