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Mosaic for GOATOTE

99Bridges is proud to be the technology partner to GOATOTE, powering their new and improved reusable bag kiosks. We completely redesigned the Mosaic app, now called Mosaic ECO. The new design and machine extensions enable GOATOTE to operate its reusable bag kiosks all within the Mosaic platform. Below are some of the exciting innovations to help the world go BEYOND PLASTIC BAGS for good!


Mosaic helps you set bag offset goals based on your shopping habits. Yes, we want to help you eliminate using another single-use plastic bag for good.


Mosaic reminds you to bring your GOATOTE bags when you are close to a participating store. It even reminds you when it is time to return them.

Carbon data

Knowing the carbon dioxide (CO2e) you are offsetting into the environment gives you the power to do the right thing for our planet.

Iot enabled

IoT is at the center of Mosaic's design. Every GOATOTE kiosk is an IoT edge computing device. Be part of the leading edge to end single-use.

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