Mosaic Control Center
Operations, ESG and Behavioral Data Platform

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Enterprise Ready


Built for enterprise scale, Mosaic Control Center offers a complete management console to control, monitor, and analyze the full lifecycle of your reusables. From logistic management to asset management, usage trending to ESG data analytics, Mosaic Control Center enables you to deliver a complete circular end-to-end service. Our innovative  architecture enables you to monitor your entire operation from anywhere. Yes, anywhere; even from the beach.


Performance Dashboard

Key metrics from inventory level by location to how often your reusables have been reuse and recycled, from trending of usage to number of downloads, are all available at your fingertips.


Operations Control

A digital passport is created for every smart reusables, allowing the Mosaic platform to track the entire lifecycle of the reusables from inventory distribution to reverse logistics tracking.


ESG and Behavioral Data

Every reuse and recirculation of reusables generate behavioral insights to help ends the single-use habit while providing valuable ESG data towards your de-carbonation effort.