Mosaic ECO
Rewards You to Become Circular

Join the Circular Movement

Mosaic ECO is a mobile app. It is designed to be a tool to help all of us create a more sustainable habit; a new habit to end the single-use consumption pattern. We can all help by reusing and recirculating items such a shopping bags, containers, cup, and bottles as many times as possible as long as they are cleaned and sanitized. We reuse food ware at a restaurant today. So, yes we can do it. We just need a tool to help reminds and rewards us when we are going the good job - That is what Mosaic ECO is designed to do. Download the Goatote version of Mosaic and give it a try. We want you to be part of the circular economy.


Get Reminders

The #1 problem with reusables is that people forget to bring them for reuse. With Mosaic ECO, you will get reminders, for example, when you are close to a participating store. 


Track Carbon Data

Mosaic ECO gives you CO2e data so you know how well you are contributing to a more sustainable future. It is like having calories data on food containers. 


Earn Rewards

Every reuse and recirculation effort earn you Mosaic ECO points. It works across all participating businesses within the Mosaic ecosystem. It is a simple way to thank you for your contribution.