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Invest in 99Bridges

How to Invest?

If you believe in our mission, you can help us by investing in our future. Circular Economy is a multi-trillion dollar market opportunity according to Barrons. We are looking for investors who are equally passionate about building a better future for our current and future generations. Mosaic is only our starting point. We would love to share our vision and development roadmap with qualified investors. 99Bridges is a B2B software-as-a-service business. Learn about how to invest in 99Bridges while saving our precious planet.. Contact us at to request for a pitch deck.  We will reply back within 24 hours.

Under the Hood of Mosaic

With tens of billions of IoT devices connected and generating data is there a way to use data to create a better world?

To power our mission, we embraced a future where everything is connected. It is a future where everything has data – a massively decoupled and distributed data universe. With data, we gain insights and knowledge which power intelligent actions. That future requires a system to collect, protect, share, analyze, and act on data that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries.

That system is the engine that powers Mosaic, the Sustainability Operating System. We designed a DISTRIBUTED DATA EXCHANGE SYSTEM to enable our (and other compatible) sustainability solutions to exchange data safely and securely.

We called our system TG62.


TG62 is a distributed data exchange system designed to be a trusted system for business-to-business (B2B) Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing without compromising data privacy, security, and control.
Every business today has IoT data being generated at the edge of its operations. Be it a branch of a bank, a factory of a manufacturer, a store of a retailer, a refinery of an oil producer, or an airport of a city, the edge sensors and devices are all generating volume of IoT data. The data is siloed to each of the device’s own processing and storage ecosystem, making it difficult for the business to derive critical insights only possible by correlating all the data from all the edge sensors and devices.

In addition, extracting and normalizing the IoT data streams from sensors and devices are labor-intensive and time-consuming. Once processed, the data must be stored somewhere which increases the chance of exposing the data to privacy and security risks. Businesses and organizations want complete control of their IoT data. They want to own it and control who gets access to the data at a granular level.

Lastly, no business exists today without an ecosystem of suppliers and business partners. The ability for a business to share IoT data across the value-chain complying to the appropriate level of data privacy and security regulations is paramount. It enables the entire value-chain to be informed and adapt to business conditions in ways that can never be done before.

TG62 is an end-to-end system that enables a multi-party secure data exchange. Unlike other approaches, TG62 is completely distributed which means that data are not stored in our cloud but are indexed in the form of a data catalog which is then published and shared among the involved parties. The actual data remain in each business owner’s possession, where it belongs.

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