Computer Vision Team

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Video Feed

Successful implication of video feed through the teams program. 

Bag Detection

Through Video Feed success, identification of the Beyond The Bag bag will be accessible.

Bagging Motion

Accurately identifying product bags which are used in the bagging motion, disregarding those which are not.

Video Feed

Through TensorFlow, an object recognition framework, the Beyond The Bag bag will be successfully identified as the program is trained to identify bags present in the surrounding area.

Bag Detection

As TensorFlow is modeled to identify bags, the program will be modeled to identify 

only bags that are the Beyond The Bag bag, as to ignore other bags which are present.

Bagging Motion

Though we're not tracking individuals, the included clip is an excellent example of how TensorFlow allows object tracking capabilities.


With object tracking in mind, our model will further be trained to identify the bags which are strictly used in the bagging process, ignoring any Beyond The Bag bag's that are not in use. 


This demo showcases the team's work, which allows users to see the behind the scenes action in how the Beyond The Bag truly works.