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Meet Mosaic
The Sustainability Operating System

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is an operating system that powers the distribution and lifecycle tracking of reusable items. Today, the world produces over 400 million tons of plastics a year. Almost half of that is for single-use items. Mosaic is designed to help the world end the single-use habit. We make every reusable item smart by giving them a digital identity. Then we created an awesome app to remind and reward users to reuse and recirculate the reusables. And yes, the reward system is built to span across all participating businesses in the Mosaic ecosystem. That's it. Users earn rewards every time they help the environment.


For Reusable Bags

Mosaic is powering ChicoBag and GOATOTE reusable bag services. We are winners of the Beyond the Bag Challenge. Let us help you eliminate single-use plastic bags today!


For Reusable Containers

From cereal to dry pasta, baking flour to takeout food, all can be delivered in reusable containers. Mosaic can help you drive repeat customers while eliminating single-use containers.


For Reusable Bottles

One million plastic bottles are made every second. We designed a refill kiosk, allowing your customer to refill and say no to single-use plastic bottles, from shampoo to drinks.


How does it work?

What is in the name?

We believe building a more sustainable future is not about just doing one or two things differently, it is a wholesale change of how we all live. Mosaic embodies the notion of many small things coming together to form a unified whole. By adoption a common platform, an operating system, for reusables, the entire ecosystem can benefit from a lower cost structure to deliver and measure the environmental and social impact through deep data analytics from all reusable services and solutions.

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